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Post  [AXIS]PAJO™ on Sat Jun 09, 2007 6:35 pm

BRADIS!! here are some terms and defs again
for ur reading pleasure hehehehe...

This glossary/dictionary is for newbies and ASC users

It is separated into 4 categories, alphabetically:

1. General

2. Military Wear, Gear and Accessories

3. Manufacturers

4. Miscellaneous


[size=9]1337 – leet or elite (Haxxor talk or uber leet talk)

AEG – automatic-electric gun

AFAIK - As Far As I Know

AK - Avtomat Kalashnikova
(Russian firearm)

akimbo - 'With the hands on the hips, and the elbows turned outwards'.
Eventually adapted to the way cowboys held their pistols for quick drawing
action. Now loosely used to describe going all out crazy with two identical

air nozzle - the part attached to the cylinder head which provides a
focused stream of air against the BB. The nozzle is also integral in the
feeding action of the BB loading system.

anti-reversal latch - A small latch that prevents the gears from
spinning back once the trigger is released (also known as ‘ratchet pawl’)

Armalite - often refers to the grouping of products in airsoft made by
the arms manufacture of the same name. Ie m16a1,vn,a2,a3, m4a1, Xm1077, CAR-15

ASC - Air Soft Canada
(this site you’re in)

AUG - Armee Universal Gewehr (Austrian? firearm)

BAR – 1. Barely Airsoft Related; 2. Browning Automatic Rifle.

BB – ball bearing; small 6mm spheres that weigh anywhere from .11 to .90
grams that are fired from an airsoft

bearing – refer to ‘bushings/bearings’

bevel gear - the first main gear within the gearbox. This gear transfers
energy from the motor's pinion gear to the chain of gears within the gearbox.

black gas – rumoured to exist. For carefree rich people. (see green
gas/duster gas)

Blooper - Hand held 40mm grenade launcher M79

BOLO for - Be On the LookOut for...

bolt action - A rifle that requires the cocking of the bolt to load
another round into the chamber.

BRB - (I'll) be right back. Used in ICQ, MSN, and other live chats.

btw – by the way

Bullpup - a rifle in which the mechanism is laid out to reduce the
overall length of the weapon. The magazine is generally located behind the
pistol grip and the receiver is set against the firer's shoulder.

bump - move a thread up the board

bushings/bearings - plastic or metal cylindrical (or oval-like) objects
that sit in the gearbox housing. The axles of the main gears are located within
these bushings/bearings and take the rotational stress of the gears.

butt - Part of a rifle held against a firer's shoulder

CF - Canadian Forces (also known as 'cluster f---')

CQB - Close Quarters Battle

CTR - Close Target Reconnaissance

Cyclic ROF - Cyclic rate of fire; theoretical rate of fire, usually expressed
in rounds per minute, if the weapon could be fired continuously without the
need to replenish magazines.

cylinder - the cylindrical object which contains the volume of air to be
pushed out of the gearbox. Houses the piston assembly.

cylinder head - the part which attaches to the cylinder and emits the
compressed air volume through a small opening, creating a focused stream of air

cylinder port - a hole or a number of holes located on the cylinder
which provides a breathing point for the action of the piston assembly.
Location of the port will describe ROF characteristics as well as the volume of
air to be pushed out of the cylinder.

duster gas - also known as PC gas – (used to clean inside the
keyboards). Can be used with Japanese GBBs but should add 100% silicone oil to
magazine/can for lubricant (equivalent to gas sold by Japanese manufacturers,
minus the silicone lubricant). Not recommended for metal slides (not powerful
enough to cycle through). Memorex/Fellows manufacture this. – HFC-134a

EBB - Electric blowback (uses battery to pull back slide)

FAMAS - Fusil Automatique de Manufacture d'Armes de St Etienne (French

FF - First Factory (manufacturer). FF is also known as FinalFantasy in
the ASC community. Please see 'scam'.

FIBUA - Fighting In Built Up Areas (CQB)

flamed – what happens to newbies when they don’t read up first before
posting/asking a question on forums (see “forum” below, or “clue” under

Flank - The right or left side of a military formation. "Flank
Left" commands attacking OPFOR from our left. "Left flank"
reports OPFOR activity on our left.

flash hider - device fitted on the muzzle of a weapon's barrel to
prevent or reduce the visible flash or flame produced on firing

forum – a place where you should take time to read all you can BEFORE
you post anything

FPS - Feet Per Second

FRS - Family Radio Service; a class of small handheld, low power two-way
radios (walkie-talkie -like), common in Canada and the US and operable without
a license, and commonly used for airsoft on-field communications.

FWIW - For What It's Worth

gaggle - when a unit is confused during or prevented from a efficient

gas – used for GBBs and NBBs. Please see duster, green, and top gas.

gas gun - usually refers to any airsoft that uses a gas as its source of
kinetic energy; but most often refers to older style airsoft.

GBB - Gas blowback (gun slide gets pulled back, 60% gas used for this)

gear[b/] - round (often metal) circular object with teeth on them. (another
definition refers to the equipment and technology used in
airsoft/military/police – please see “Military Wear, Gear and Accessories”
section below)

[b]gearbox - a metal housing which contains all the main components
required to provide the firing action of an AEG. Also known as ‘mechbox’

goggles - eye protection mandatorily worn by players; this can range
from paintball goggles to tactical eye protection

Google – []
- web search engine; an excellent source for finding all sorts of airsoft and
military -related information (just to name a few). See "Clue" under

GREEN - Term used to convey to squad mates that you have completed
reloading (note that you are not GREEN until you are completely ready to fire.

green gas – environmentally friendly. Used for Taiwanese guns (stronger
compression), and guns that have been upgraded with metal slides/better valves.
Not recommended for stock Japanese plastic guns (severe damage occurs). -

GTF - Ghetto Task Force - a team of well-organized (or not) hoodlums...

gungy - motivated and enthusiastic

hard kick - a method of increasing the amount of gas that goes to the
"blowback" effect on GBB's, often used with KSC Gbb's.

haze – To subject newbies to abusive or humiliating tricks and ridicule

HE - High Explosive

HGHU - Hi Grade Hop Up, in reference to Springers Made by Marui

hicap – high capacity, magazine that holds a large number of bb’s.
Usually involves a winding motion at the base.

hop up - A system by which a bb is given a back spin to aid in
increasing the range of the shot

Hop-Up buckling - the rubber "lump" that presses against the
"bump" located on the sleeve. This "lump" is the piece that
is pressed down by the hop-up chamber to provide hop-up.

Hop-Up Chamber/Unit - the assembly which imparts a backspin on a BB to
provide a more stable and longer flight path

Hop-Up Sleeve - the rubber sleeve which surrounds the inner barrel. The
sleeve has a bump on it which is the contact point against the BB to impart the
backspin as the BB passes through the barrel.

HTH – 1. Hope That Helps; 2. Hand To Hand

HW - Heavy Weight

HFC – Hydro-Fluoro-Carbon (found in refrigerators and air conditioners).
See Duster gas, Green gas, Top gas.

IINM - If I'm Not Mistaken

IIRC - If I Remember Correctly.

IMO – In my opinion

IMOH - In my humble opinion

inner barrel - the actual barrel that the bb's travel through

INOX - inoxidizable; stainless steel

Iron Sight – Un-magnified sights on an airsoft that require you to line
up two or more "sights" to aim.

jack - jack a thread - changing the topic in a strand; rude, if you're
not the author.

Jet gas – Some say a weaker form of green gas with silicone.

LE - law enforcement

LMAO - Laugh my a-- off

LMFAO - Laughing my f---ing a-- off

loading tool - in reference to an AEG, a long tube that bb's are placed
into before being ram rodded into a low cap. There are also electric models as
well as special GBB models.

lowcap – low capacity, magazine that holds a limited number of bb’s

magazine - An object that contains bb's for use in an airsoft.

mAh - milliAmp-hours; a rating which measures the number of milliamps
(1/1000th's of 1 Ampere) a given battery can supply at it's rated voltage for
one hour.

mechbox – please refer to ‘gearbox’

MilSim - military simulation

muzzle - The distal end of the barrel; the end from which the projectile

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PART 2!!!

Post  [AXIS]PAJO™ on Sat Jun 09, 2007 6:39 pm

NAR - Not Airsoft Related (a no-no in our community)

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization (OTAN - Organization du Traité
de l'Atlantique du Nord). (Also known as No Action Talk Only )

NBB - Non Blowback (gas powered, but no slide movement, efficient but
less real)

NIB - New in box

NLT - No Later Than

noob/N00b – Newbie, newcomer – YOU (see “flamed”)

NP - No Problem

NRTTT - Not Related To The Topic

OBO - or best offer

OMG - Oh My God (also OMFG, but I don't particularly like that one very

Open sights - Simple sighting system using foresights and rearsights to
aim at a particular target.

OPFOR - Opposing Force

outer barrel - The barrel that goes OVER the barrel that the bb's travel

pinion gear - the small gear attached to a motor. This is the first gear
in the chain of gears. It does not have a fixed location within the gearbox,
i.e. is not held within the gearbox. It is attached to the motor and comes out
with the motor.

piston - the cylindrical object housed within the cylinder. Serves three
purposes: 1) to bear the rotational energy from the gears and transfers it to a
lateral energy 2) compresses the spring and 3) bears the piston head

piston head - the piece attached to the piston. Contains an O-ring. This
part creates a seal within the cylinder and during compression (from the spring
pushing on it), it pushes a volume of compressed air out of the gearbox.

piston head with bearings - similar to above, but containing a bearing
system which serves two purposes: To compress the spring which provides more
muzzle velocity, and to bear the rotational stress of the spring which occurs
during it's compression.

plinking - test shooting, or shooting for fun in your basement, etc.

PM – Private Message, kinda like email but in the forums

R&D – Research and Development

RAS - Rail Adapter System, Knight's Manufacturing Co.'s (AKA Knight's
Armament Co.) small arms accessory mounting system, using MIL-STD-1913 rails to
allow quick and standardized installation of accessories (sights, lights,
grips, etc) onto a weapon.

ratchet pawl – please refer to ‘anti-reversal latch’

RDS - Red Dot Sight; usually a non-magnified weapon sight which products
a luminous red dot onto a special glass pane at the front of the device.

RED - Term used within a squad to communicate that you are reloading

red gas – for carefree rich people (see green gas/duster gas)

RIS - Rail Interface System, now known as RAS.

ROF - Rate of fire (see ‘Cyclic ROF’)

ROFL - Rolling on the Floor Laughing

ROFLMAO - Rolling on the Floor Laughing My A-- Off

ROFLMGDAO - Rolling On Floor Laughing My G-d D-mn A-- Off

RPM - Rounds per minute

SAW - Squad Assault Weapon

scrim – camo for your weapon (netting,etc) ?

sector gear - the final gear within the gearbox. This gear transfers
rotational energy from the gearing system to the piston's rack in order provide
the winding action of the piston. It appears to have only half the teeth on
it's circumference. The sector gear also serves as a timing mechanism for the
movement of the tappet plate.

selector switch - The lever or button that allows the weapon to change
between firing modes (eg. Single shot, Burst, Full auto, Safe)

shim - small metal washer-like object located on the axles of the main
gears. It sits between the gear and the bushings and acts as a
"filler" to prevent too much lateral movement or "play" in
the gears. Available in several sizes: 0.13mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm

shimming - the act of properly placing shims on gears to provide just
the right amount of spacing so as to avoid the binding of gears and also to
avoid too much lateral movement in the gears

shotty - shotgun

silencer - A small tube that is attached to the end of an airsoft to
either increase the inter barrel length (by hiding it inside) or to dampen the
noise from the airsoft.

sneek n peek - scouting mission

SOF - Special Operations Forces

spring - The main source of muzzle energy. A metal coil that has
compressional flexibility.

spring guide - a metal or plastic tube which holds the spring and guides
the spring. Prevents the spring from buckling under the piston's pressure.

spring guide with bearings - similar to above, but containing a bearing
system which serves two purposes: To compress the spring which provides more
muzzle velocity, and to bear the rotational stress of the spring which occurs
during it's compression.

Springer – pistol where you cock back the slide, then pull trigger

Spur Gear - the second gear within the gearbox. This gear transfers
energy from the bevel gear to the sector gear. It appears wide and flat
compared to all the other gears.

Tac Light – Tactical Light; usually refers to a flashlight mounted on an
airsoft but also included hand held lights

TAB - Tactical Advance to Battle (this word is mostly used by Parachute

tappet plate - a plate which moves the air nozzle in time with the
movement of the gears. Timing is based on the movement of the sector gear.

TBC - To Be Confirmed. Also known as 'To Be Continued...'

TFB - Too F-ing Bad.

tight bore - a smaller radius inner barrel which would replace the stock
barrel on an airsoft

TN - Titanium Nitride

top gas – competition grade gas (strongest compression), compressed CO2.
Used for serious competitions only (i.e. olympic games). Typically used to
propel .177 lead pellets. Not to be used for airsoft unless specifically
modified. May be used in extreme cold conditions if green gas will not do. –

TY - Thank You.

upgraded - Referring to an airsoft that has been changed from its stock

valve key - a small tool used to aid in the removal of certain GBB's
fill valve. Often used with WA and KSC products.

vented piston head - a piston head with holes located on it's surface.
These holes will fill and push the O-ring out on compression of the piston
assembly - the expanded O-ring will in turn create a better seal and will
result in a smaller loss of velocity due to lost air. On the back-motion of the
piston, these holes will suck air out of the piston head and will pull the
O-ring in, thus, allowing the piston assembly to draw back at a faster speed
due to reduced friction from the o-ring against the cylinder.

WP - White Phosphorous - also known as Willie Pete

WRT - With Regards To.


ALICE - All-purpose, Lightweight, Individual Carrying Equipment, US web
gear (older, being replaced by MOLLE)

AusCam - Australian Camo, current pattern

BDU - Battle Dress Uniform – specifically for US woodland pattern

CADPAT - CAnadian Disruptive PATtern digital camouflage

camo – camouflage – blend in to surrounding environment

ChiCom - Chinese Communist

city camo - Black and grey

Chocolate Chip [Cookie] - nickname of old American 6-color DCUs

DCU - Desert Combat Uniform – specifically for US 3-colour desert
pattern uniforms (previously chocolate chip but replaced in early 90’s)

desert camo – beige/yellow, brown spots, like a desert

DPM - Disruptive Pattern Material, Bristish camo pattern, available in
Temperate (greens/browns) or Desert (beiges)

ECWCS - Extended Cold Weather Clothing System

ERDL - Early leaf pattern camo, issued in Vietnam to recon, SF teams and
Marines. Is somewhat similar to modern woodland but has different shades of
green and brown, and came in highland (brown dominate) and lowland (green
dominate) styles.

Fleck - Flecktarn; German camo (Fleck = Spot/Dot, Tarn = Camouflage:
translates literally to "spot camo")

gear slut - Someone who invests time, energy, and money into researching
and acquiring gear and assembling authentic kits

ILCE - Individual Load Carrying Equipment

IMP - Individual Meal Pack; Canadian field ration (Canada's counterpart
to MREs). Tastes substantially better than MREs as long as you know how to make
them palatable.

JS - Jungle Stalker camo

LBV - Load Bearing Vest (LBEquipment, LBSystem)

LCE - see ILCE

M18 - Smoke Grenade

M26 - Lemon-Shaped Fragmentation Grenade

M56 - canvas alice style pouches and
belt/suspenders used in Vietnam
by American forces.

M61/43 - USMC webbing (782 gear) used for a lot of the
war until it was replaced with issue M67 and army M56. Consisted of single M14
pouches snapped to belt with other pouches on M1910 belt hangers, closely
resembled WW2 issue gear

M65 - US combat outer jacket (a combat SHIRT is not a combat JACKET).
Replaced by the Gore-Tex ECWCS system

M67 - nylon pre-alice pouches again used in vietnam but later in the war and
began to slowly replace the M56 esspecially in the marines.

MARPAT - US MARine PATtern, digital camouflage as they're known to the

MCCUU - Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (MARPAT woodland OR desert).
MCCUU replaces the current Marine BDU.

MOLLE - Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, newer American

MRE - Meal, Ready to Eat; American field ration, assorted meals in ready
to eat pouches. Long shelf life without refrigeration. Tastes as good as they

MWS - Modular Weapon System, refers to a weapon equipped with a quick
attachment system, such as RIS/RAS

N3B - Extreme cold weather full-length parka issued to flight crews

OD - Olive Drab – greenish army clothing and gear colour – first attempt
to camouflage a whole army (Canadian OD’s are not considered BDU’s, but
commonly referred to it as such).

pakol - common Afghan headwear (hat), reportedly very effective in cold

PLCE - Personal Load Carrying Equipment, British webbing, LBV or other
individual load carrying system

recon – reconnaissance (scout)

shemagh - traditional Middle Eastern headwear (scarf), adopted by
Western nations for desert operations

sky blue camo - blue and light blue colours to blend into sky background

tiger stripe camo - dark colours in jungle, developed for Vietnam war

woodland camo - resembles forest, trees


Arktis - Arktis Limited (British gear manufacturer)

BHI - BlackHawk Inc (American gear manufacturer - considered second tier
by many)

CA - Classic Army (Hong Kong manufacturer)

Eagle - Eagle Industries Unlimited, Inc. (American gear manufacturer)

ICS - I Chih Shivan (Taiwanese manufacturer)

KJW - Kuan Ju Works (Taiwanese manufacturer)

KSC – (Japanese manufacturer)

TM - Tokyo Marui (Japanese manufacturer)

TT - Tactical Taylor (American Gear manufacturer)

WA - Western Arms (Japanese manufacturer)

WebTex - British military (gear) manufacturing contractor (produces some
of the PLCE vests sold on the civilian market)

WGC - WarGame Club, Hong Kong airsoft retailer

Wyvern - a line of military gear by Vanguard Products (UK);
"Wyvern" is commonly used to reference the manufacturer (e.g., a
Wyvern assault vest)


AYBABTU - All your base are belong to us

Clue - What you need to get to stop being a N00b.

Crispy Critter - Airsofter who has been burned to death.

Drive By Bukkake - when you have a bag of useless .20's and you wanna
mess with friends who are following you to the field.

FUBAR – F---ed up beyond all recognition

"I'm SOL because my gun is a NFG POS!" -describes common AEG
fault, when gun breaks down (s#!t, out of luck, no f-ing good, piece of s#!t!)

SNAFU – Situation normal all f__ked up.

Tru = Pimp. All your money are belong to him.

.......and GOD created AXIS.......PAJO™
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oh members sana basahin nyo ito para magamit natin during game day!!!!!!!!!!
affraid affraid bounce bounce bounce lol!
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